When ASAA engages with a client, we focus on the following four parts of the client’s business, ensuring that we deliver needs-based development solutions and that we can affect positive change within the client organisation.


  • Vision & Mission, Strategy, Sales Objectives & Process.
  • Sales Key Performance Areas & Performance Standards.
  • Measurement of sales results and remedial action

Products & Services

  • Features, Advantages & Benefits, Defining Value Offering.
  • Total cost of product ownership – point of differentiation.
  • Product application, solutions & presentation skills.


  • Sales Activity Management & Solution Selling Skills.
  • PODAC-F™ planning, needs, discovery, objections & closing.
  • Business-to-business sales & direct end-user sales.


  • Market Segmentation, Route to the Market, Prospecting.
  • ABC D/P Account Management, CRM System
  • Market development & market penetration.